Additional information about PZ8 – CHKO Třeboňsko Natural Reserve

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Create Date4. 8. 2019
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As you will notice on the competition map, a quiet large area in the South-West is marked as a Natural Reserve.

Despite of the animals (birds) and some farmers, this is a very difficult area to retrieve your balloon.

During competition flights, we will try to avoid this area and will not going to cross it when it will be not necessary.

As we do not want to limit our competition area, we have decided to not mark this as a yellow or red PZ.

We have set following restrictions:

- Take-offs are possible when mentioned on the task data sheet.

- Landings are only possible in case of emergency.

- Crossing the area is possible above 2000ft AMSL.


When we notice restrictions mentioned above will violated, we will decide to create a new PZ after all.


Kind regards,


Jonas Maes

Competition director.